A prophet wants Sh 5 billion to resurrect Kobe Bryant, daughter Gianna

prophet wants money to resurrect Kobe Bryant
Ghanaian Prophet Nigel Gaisie. |Photo Courtesy

A Ghanaian prophet Nigel Gaisie has demanded a whooping Sh. 5 billion to resurrect the renowned basketball-er Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. Gaisie, a popular prophet in Accra, Ghana has taken the biblical teaching too far by claiming he has been directed by God to resurrect Kobe Bryant and his daughter if he is paid Sh 5 billion as tithe and offerings.

The man of God stunned his congregation during the midweek fellowship when he said he has a prophesy to bring back the life of the celebrated player.
“Last night while I was praying, the Lord took me into the spirit world, and I saw a great man fall….This news will shake the whole world because of how great the man was. People will mourn in the social media for weeks to come”, Gaisie said.

“But the Lord has talked to me to announce to his family, the American Embassy, and Ghanaian government that He the living Lord did not sanction the death of this great man. The Lord has instructed me to tell the family of this man and the US government that should they agree to pay my tithes and offerings, then the Lord will use me as a vessel to bring his life back and that of his daughter,” he went on amid amusement by the congregation.

The prophet of God, however has a condition before agreeing to resurrect Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. “The man is worth over 500 million dollars (Sh 50 billion) and should his family agree to give 10 per cent to me as tithe, I will bring them both back to life. The Lord has said! Without the money, don’t bring them back to life.” The news that the Ghanaian prophet wants money to resurrect Kobe Bryant body has shocked the world with the US government and the family split on whether they should pay the money.

Prophet Gaisie went further to ask his congregation to pray and thank God for anointing him to perform such a great miracle. Gaisie also warned part of his congregation who will doubt his word saying they will face serious consequences. When word went round that the famous prophet wants money to resurrect Kobe Bryant, thousands of citizens in North America have offered to contribute the Sh 5 billion.
Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were among the 9 occupants who died aboard the ill-fated chopper that crashed in Calabasas, Carlifonia on Sunday. They were heading to Thousand Oaks, California for a basketball match where her Bryant’s daughter Gianna was expected to play.



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