Bii: Atwoli has abdicated the responsibility of defending workers

Atwoli has failed workers
caricature of Francis Atwoli: Courtesy

As the world marks the labor day in the midst of Corona virus global havoc, and the country entering its second month since the bug hit home, Kenyan government has put in place measures to curb outbreak at all cost.

Some of the drastic measures have resulted to adverse economic meltdown and consequently rendered millions of Kenyans jobless and financially devastated.

In the backdrop of the bickering political battle, the Central Organization of Trade Union(COTU) has morphed to politicos theater, a gallery of melodrama culminated by 2022 succession politics thus disregarding its fundamental objective to champion employee’s rights.

Francis Atwoli, at the helm of COTU juggernaut has blatantly forfeited the union’s key function, and instead, dragged selfish political shenanigans seemly irrelevant to solving perennial problems ailing the labor sector in the country.

Considering employment, the phenomenon challenges wrecking the industry includes Financial frustration; low payment and delayed dues, poor working environment and physical torture reported in the private sectors.

COTU secretary General, Atwoli, should advocate for the rights and justice for the lives insurances of workers serving under private sectors; security and factories among others; they have been left in the mercies of brutal employers.

The dwindled economic activities in the country, however, staggering Small Scale Enterprises (SMEs) have initiated lay off framework to reduce human resources to remain afloat, and therefore the union of workers should appealed the government to lessen economic impacts of the the Covid-19 invasion.

COTU is an apolitical and its core responsibility is to advocate for the social and economic welfare of the employees, and at these critical moments, it should establish policies to;

(I). Protect job opportunities to affected employees in private sector.

(II). Ensure employees are timely paid their dues.

(III). Private sectors effectively remits employee’s health insurance.

(IV) Protect layoffs that are unprocedural.



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