Babu Owino to be charged with assault and creating disturbance in what appears to be a ploy to cover up

Babu Owino to face fresh charges
Babu Owino

Fresh controversy has waded into the orgy shooting of DJ Evolve by the controversial MP Babu Owino. In a new video that has emerged online, Babu Owino is seen brandishing his gun and shooting the helpless DJ in what looks like a scene from an action movie. Two men believed to be Babu Owino’s aide are seen dragging the helpless man outside. The incident happened at the popular B-Club. The incident which happened at around 6 am has laid bare the fragrant disregard of regulations that entertainment joints should be closed by 3 am. It has also emerged that B-Club was among other popular joints ordered closed by NEMA. Why it was still operating despite the order is baffling. The DJ who whose real names are Felix Orinda is in ICU in critical condition. The family has dismissed fears that their kin succumbed to injuries.

But when you thought that’s perhaps too much for the victim to bear, police have added salt to injury saying Babu will be charged with aggravated assault and causing disturbance. According to the officers aware with the investigations, video evidence are not admissible in court and in order to have a water tight case, they will prefer charges of assault and creating disturbance. However, this might point to a high level of peddling and interference by senior officers and politicians in a bid to let the accused go scot-free. Several ODM MPS have come to the defence of the embattled MP saying he was accosted by gun wielding men and in the melee shooting ensued. Their account of events is a furtherance of Babu’s own account on his Facebook page and propagated by criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta.
The shooting has caused uproar among Kenyans and netizens who are now calling for the courts to stamp its authority and deliver justice for the victim



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