BBI Chronicles : Clarion call for historical injustice a monster that will swallow Uhuru and Raila

Ndungu land report a posion chalice to Uhuru and Raila's BBI
Uhuru and Raila

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones” ~ BBI Chronicles.

Sometime in January 2016, with the first Uhuruto term having a residue of one and a half years to its end, and the coast region heavily leaning towards Nasa, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family donated 2,300 acres out of their 33,000 acre Gicheha Farm in Taita Taveta.

To the Kenyattas that was an act of philanthropy and compassion. Of course they expected political favours in return – votes for their son Uhuru to retain the presidency.

To the 20,000 squatters on both the Kenyatta and the adjacent Basil Criticos land, these were mere crumbs from the Nyama Eater’s table, who still retained the choicest and largest minofu for himself.

It would turn out to be a nightmare, making worse their yet to be resolved historical grievance and injustice on the Land Question. The ensuing conflicts illustrates the persistent frustrations and inequality in land ownership across the country since independence.

In 2018 the squatters moved to court and secured an injunction blocking the Kenyattas from subdividing the land, arguing it would trigger the eventual eviction of a majority of them, as land cartels, within government, had taken over the donated land.

(I have given a similar takeover of land bought in Molo to resettle IDPs, by government from Njenga Karume in 2009, but ended up with the rich including the lately voluble “Ruto ni mwizi” canary, former Molo MP, Njenga Mungai and former Nakuru Governor and current State House Comptroller, Kinuthia Mbugua, a member of Stop Ruto Legacy Team). I digress.

It is a fact that our politics has never been about the “authoritative allocation of resources” at the bottom of the pyramid. It has been about the rich (read Dynasties) maintaining a stranglehold on power and controlling national resources at the expense of the poor.

It is only the most gullible who believes the much hyped BBI is the panacea to their poor economic situation. The changing of laws is mostly a clever way by those who control factors of production and government to legalise their robbery.

If yesterday’s non confrontational and almost agreeable BBI meeting was not an eye opener to the loud Kieleweke brigade, then we are dealing with irredeemable blind mice.

The BBI discourse, which was a product of the Kenyattas’ and Odinga Dynasties’ handshake, which coopted the Mois, had already dichotomized the country into Tangatanga vs Kieleweke or more importantly, Dynasties vs Hustler Nation. The latter, which could translate into rich vs the poor, is potentially lethal.

Despite the gloating by the Kieleweke formation, and their loud social media canaries, that Tangatanga had been cut down to size, wakasalimu amri and joined Kieleweke driven BBI, nothing could be further from the truth. It is actually the other way around.

I posited in my last post that Tangatanga stole the thunder from Kieleweke. That is a fact. The intended “us vs them” pitting the alleged “Mwizi” and the alleged BBI “progressives” ended in a muted whimper.

In the context of “historical injustices” which was the common thread as captured from Amason Kingi’s memorandum to Kipchumba Murkomen’s showstopper, the poor landless Kenyans across the country can easily relate.

The so called “historical injustices” has always been the excuse for ethnic conflicts, especially in the Coast and Rift Valley. The author was Jomo Kenyatta who greedly allocated himself and his cronies tracts of prime land in the two regions.

The hardworking Gîkûyû nation has over the years been conveniently blamed as land grabbers and suffered great consequences over the greed of the independence thieves. Their patience with the Kenyattas, has largely run out.

While the senior Odinga was an egalitarian who eschewed primitive capitalist accumulation, the younger Odinga is a voracious greedy capitalist accumulator. He has joined hands (handshake) with the younger Kenyatta to jointly eat us and our children alive.

Just read the Sunday Nation with a fine tooth comb. When it attempts to sing praises about Mombasa, more distressing items are tucked in there with hidden truth.

The most prominent to the discerning is about the Dominion Farms set up by American billionaire investor Calvin Burgess on the Yala Swamps, Siaya County.

The farms have allegedly been bought by the Eldoret based kalasinga family, the Rai Brothers who own Raiply Wood, Webuye based Panpaper and West Kenya Sugar Mills which produces Kabras brand of sugar.

What the media, which is owned and controlled by the same Dynasties, would never disclose is that both the Moi and Kenyatta Family have interests in the Rai Family businesses. They are silent shareholders.

The Kenyattas owned Timsales and Commercial Bank of Africa are partners in the Rai Organization. This is not a secret. The Mois are long time shareholders in Raiply.

Flashback to the sugar scandal. Whose brother was being implicated in the illegal importation of sugar? Why was the story conveniently hush hushed?

Raila Odinga is alleged by Calvin Burgess himself, to have harassed and intimidated him out of Dominion Farms, after the latter refused to finance ODM with sh.200m. Calvin ran back to America after goons came calling to physically harm or probably kill him.

The end result, after spending years and almost sh.3b draining 16000 acres of the swamp, a fortune on equipment and employing hundreds, he dejectedly abandoned the project which the Odingas have now acquired through proxy.

Now put into perspective the Kenyattas, the Mois, the Odingas, the Rais and the handshake and tell me who is a snotty ng’ondu incapable of reading through political scripts.

So what has this got to do with BBI? Loosing political power is anathema to the Dynasties.

The trajectory BBI took yesterday with the call to address historical injustices (read the Land Question), which may unite the poor against the Dynasties and their rich cohorts – the oligarchs and their Panadol dealing sidekicks, will surely take the dynasties back to the drawing board.

Can I surprise you? BBI will slowly be euthenized by the Dynasties themselves. Raila Odinga left the Mombasa rally early. Uhuru left the AIC Milimani church function early for a family function. Prince Kipsiele was in attendance grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The families will be having serious meetings in the coming weeks. The camel’s head managed to get into the BBI’s tent at Mama Ngina Waterfront yesterday.

If things remain constant, the Hustler Nation will be ndani ndaani ndaaani of the BBI. The Clarion call will be about resolving historical injustices, not necessarily a referendum to alter the system or structure of government.

You don’t protect your poultry by domesticating more foxes.

Wanyeki Kago



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