BBI is Raila’s scheme to grab power, Mudavadi tells task force

Musalia Mudavadi opposed the creation of a 3-tier government
ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi making submissions to the BBI Steering Committee on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Image: COURTESY

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi has opposed the amendment of the Constitution to include the post of Prime Minister and regional governments saying it’s Raila’s clever scheme to grab power.

Musalia was presenting his party’s memorandum to the BBI steering committee.

Musalia said Kenyans were already overburdened and can not bear the extra cost of running regional governmennts.

According to Musalia, the 3-tier government is meant to provide a soft landing ground for several governors who are staring at a bleak political future as their term grind to an end.

“As ANC party, we are very are categorical. We are totally against the creation of a 3-tier form of government as as popularized by some governors in public rallies,” Mudavadi said.

“There is nothing wrong with the 47 county entities. We recommend that the 47 counties must be made to function with adequate funding. If anything, the regional blocks must be empowered through necessary legislation to complement the counties”. he added

Mudavadi also took a swipe at his NASA counterpart Raila Odinga for agitating for a constitutional amendment at a time when Kenyans are grappling through hard economic times.

“Our position is that this is not the right time for constitutional changes. Just make the current constitution work for Kenyans. It’s our considered opinion that the constitutional changes should have Kenyans in mind and not individuals”, he added.

In the alaternative, the ANC party leader said any constitutional changes should uphold the principle of one man-one-vote-one shilling as agitated by a section of Mt. Kenya MPs.

“The structure of Government must at all times uphold the principle of one man-one-vote. ANC is strictly against any attempt to create multiple, ambiguous, and conflicting centers of power,” he said.

Mudavadi also supported the creation of office of the opposition leader saying it will ensure checks and balances on the part of the executive.

Concerned by the rising public debt, the former vice president called for urgent intervention to re-examine the country’s debt portfolio with the objective of re-negotiating loans with unfavorable terms.



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