BBI will solve teacher crisis in North-Eastern, Raila assures residents saying he has spoken with Uhuru

BBI will solve insecurity and teachers crisis in North Eastern, Raila says
ODM leader Raila Odinga with Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji during Garissa BBI rally. |Photo Courtesy

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has assured the residents of Garissa and North Eastern counties at large that Building Brigdes Initiative will solve the biting teachers crisis in the region.

Insecurity and frequent alshabab attacks has occasioned mass transfer of non-local teachers thus creating a shortage.

ODM leader Raila Odinga who attended the Garissa BBi rally said the BBI will mark the end of teachers problem and insecurity in the region. Raila told locals that he had spoken with Uhuru Kenyatta who agreed to look into the matter. Raila said the residents of North Eastern should expect a major announcement next week.

“There is nothing painful as seeing our children go to school and there are no teachers. We have to find a solution and BBI will offer the solution. First, we have to be bring teachers and also take affirmative action,” said the opposition leader.

Raila however did not divulge what kind of solution he had discussed with President Uhuru and the major announcement they should expect.

The issue of insecurity and teacher shortage dominated speeches during the rally with speaker after speaker calling for urgent solution.

The transfer of non-local teachers following threats and attacks from aslhabab has left a gap that cannot be filled by local teachers.

If an urgent solution is not found, then North Eastern region is staring at a major crisis that may paralyze learning.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC earlier this month succumbed to pressure from the Kenya National Teachers Union (KNUT) and transferred all non-local teachers as they were increasingly becoming the target of attack in the alshabab-ravaged region.

The Sunday rally saw a group of youths don T-shirts with the message “No Teachers No BBI”, a sheer illustration of the extent of the teachers problem is.



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