Blame game as all MPs, MCAs boycott Waiguru’s BBI meeting

We are only using Raila Odinga to pass BBI,, Waiguru says
Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndambiri (Left) and governor Ann Waiguru (Second left) during a BBI consultative meeting at Kirinyaga Townhall grounds on Thursday, February 27, 2020. |Photo Courtesy

Blame game and counter accusations marred the Kirinyaga BBI meeting which saw all MPs and MCAs from Kirinyaga boycott Waguiru’s BBI meeting.

All members of parliament, senator, and majority of ward reps gave failed to show up for the Kirinyaga BBI meeting organized by Ann Waiguru.

Waiguru chaired the meeting that was attended by his deputy Peter Ndambiri, a handful of MCAs and few handpicked delegates.

Only 4 MCAs out of 33 were present.

The meeting is part of the mobilization events to cherry pick delegates for the Meru BBI rally this weekend.

A similar meeting in Nyeri yesterday ended in disarray after rowdy youth demanding for BBI copies disrupted the meeting.

However, in statement released after the event, Nyeri county hailed the Nyeri bbi meeting as successful, saying the residents were supportive of the process.

“The 4 constituencies does not have representation despite earlier indications that all leaders in the county would be present to strengthen the BBI campaign.

“As you can see, we have empty seats at the front line, with the governor only accompanied by her deputy Peter Ndambiri and only four MCAs,” said a correspondent.

Ndia legislator George Kariuki who boycotted the event accused governor Waiguru of not involving them in the planning of the meeting.

Kariuki said Waiguru took it upon herself to single-handedly draft the BBI issues in Kirinyaga without involving other elected leaders from the four constituencies.

During the meeting, Governor Waiguru blamed some unknown forces she did not name of planning to jeopardize the BBI process.

Waiguru seemed to be targeting Interior PS Karanja whom she has been at loggerheads with lately. Waiguru has accused Kibicho of engaging in petty politics and undermining the authority of validly elected leaders.



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