Blogger arrested for posting Ruto’s presidential portrait

Denis Kiptoo Mutai blogger arrested for posting Ruto portrait
Kericho based blogger Denis Kiptoo Mutai

A blogger has been arrested by the DCI for posting DP William Ruto in a portrait depicting him as the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya.

Denis Kiptoo Mutai, a Kericho-based blogger was summoned by the DCI after posting an artistic portrait of Deputy President William Ruto as the 5th President. The TangaTanga blogger allied to DP Ruto announced on his social media that he had been summoned to explain why he posted a picture portraying William Ruto as the 5th president of Kenya and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, a title reserved for the current president.

DP William Ruto Presidential portrait

The blogger, Dennis Kiptoo Mutai, however, promised to stay put and never present himself at the DCI offices. Instead, Mutai challenged the detectives to go and pick him from his home with the land-rover fueled by taxpayers money.

“I was summoned by DCI to record statement tomorrow for posting a portrait of deputy president William Ruto. I will not present myself to any office DCI office. I am tax payer in this country and the DCI should come pick me”, said Mutai on his Facebook page.

Mutai insisted he had no apologies to make adding that the constitution guarantees him the freedom of free speech.

“I have no apologies to make for posting the picture . I have a right as provided in the constitution to express my conscience in any form or shape”, he added

True to his wish, Dennis Kiptoo was smoked out of a hiding den in Eldoret, where he had sought refuge and wheeled to DCI offices in Eldoret.

Denis Mutai with a colleague blogger at a popular club in Eldoret. Photo Courtesy

The arrest of the blogger has elicited condemnation from members of the public who are calling for his release. several youth have threatened to storm the DCI offices to secure his release.

This is not the first time, Mutai is getting himself in the hands of the DCI . In 2019 January, he was arrested for posting an incitement message on his social media pages warning of political unrest in 2022 if President Uhuru Kenyatta betrayed his promise to back William Ruto.

This was after the blogger shared on his Twitter post saying there could be violence if Uhuru betrayed DP Ruto in 2022.

Mutai is also on the list of National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) over his controversial takes on Kenyan politics.

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