DCI after 2 governors and MP in Tullow fraud

I will arrest Ruto if culpable in Kenei murder
DCI boss George KInoti

Two governors and an MP are at the center of DCI investigations over suspect transactions believed to be kickbacks from Tullow Oil.

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo, his Turkana counterpart Josphat Nanok, and Ikolomani MP Ben Shinali are at the center of sh 45 million fraud in illegal payment from Tullow.

Detectives are trying to unravel the puzzle behind the fraud and how the trio benefited from sh 45 million irregular payout linked to oil company in Turkana county.

The scandal has also roped in Tai Enterprises –a construction company based in Eldoret.

According to the DCI, Nanok allegedly received money from Tai Enterprises and shared it with three suspects, John Longanyapuo, Ben Shinali and an identified businessman Isaac Makimei Gitau.

Tai Enterprises has backed quite a number of contracts from Tullow and detectives believe the money in question are kickbacks from such projects.

Detectives seek to unravel whether Tullow’s proceeds were also shared among the three suspects.

Money trail analyzed by the DCI shows that Nanok wired to the three suspects more than double the sh 45 million he received from Tai.

Detectives are scrutinizing Nanok’s bank accounts in a bid to find out whether the money he shared out are linked to Tullow and Tai Enterprises.

Records with the DCI show that Gitau received sh 40 million, Shinali sh 27.3 million, while Longanyapuo recived sh 11.25 million.

Further details stated that detectives seek to find out why Tai sent the money to Nanok after receiving it from the County Government of Turkana.

Further probe revealed that investigators seek to find out why Tai Enterprises sent the money to Nanok after having received it from the Turkana County.

Tai Enterprise, based in Eldoret has backed mega contracts and projects with government and private sector.

It has been involved in a number of the largest energy projects in Kenya such as the Konza Technopolis, the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, the Kainuk-Turkwell Power Station and the Turkana Oil Mining project.

Records at the companies registry show John Changwo and Penina Jepkenei as the directors of the firm



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