DCI on the spot for cover up of Ruto guard death, family to hire private detectives

Sergeant Kenei family accuse police of cover up
Sergeant Kenei |Photo courtesy

The family of Sergeant Kenei who was attached to DP’s Harambee Annex has accused the DCI of cover up and will now hire a private detective to investigate the death of their son.

The family protested initial assessment by the police that Kenei shot himself saying it was part of the wider plan to bangle investigations and cover up his killers.

They took issues with how police are investigating the circumstances under which he was found dead at his house in Imara Daima.

The family also accuse the police of interfering with the scene of crime.

Kenei family will now hire a private detective to conduct thorough and independent probe.

“As a family we are furious with the manner in which police have handled this matter. We have lost confidence since there is a scheme to cover up”, said the family spokesman.

The family have been blocked from accesing his house in Imara daima and also viewing his body at Chiromo mortuary.

The residence where Kenei lived has been cordoned off, and the landlord who lived in the main house and rented out the servant’s quarters has been forced to seek refuge elsewhere as the compound remain a crime scene.

Fears of cover up began to emanate on the first day when Peter Amunga, chairman of Nyumba Kumi said he had been barred by police from recording statement. It’s also been reported that the first batch of police officers to arrive at the scene of crime took the body to mortuary and returned it after public outcry.

According to a security expert Capt. (rtd) Simiyu Werunga, taking the body to mortuary was meant to interfere with evidence and make it difficult to find the killers.

An OB recorded at Embakassi police station also points to a possible cover up. The incident was recorded as OB 31/27/01/2020 despite the body discovered by a neighbor on February 20.

But even as police continue to pursue the possibility of suicide, the family has maintained that their son did not commit suicide as he had no reason at all.

The family insists their son was murdered.

The most foul murder has grabbed headlines as it’s believed to be linked to the Echesa scam where two foreigners alleged to be investors were allegedly defrauded sh 39 billion in fake firearms scam.



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