Details emerge of North Rift leaders meeting in Eldoret amid threats of police ban

North Rift leaders to meet in Eldoret
North Rift MPs

North Rift elected leaders are set to meet today at an Eldoret hotel to deliberate on the ongoing BBI rallies even as police threaten to ban the gathering citing lack of police permit.

The Eldoret meeting mirrors similar ones that brings together different factions of Mt. Kenya leaders groups at Safari Park and Panafric Hotel.

The meeting brings together elected leaders from North Rift and will be expected to deliberate on the ongoing BBI process which has taken an alarming trajectory.

According to the conveners of the Eldoret meeting, Rift Valley has been sidelined in the BBI process and it’s imperative that leaders from the region meet to deliberate on the matter.

For instance, Eldoret BBI rally that was to take place in 64 stadium in Eldoret was moved to Nakuru without consulting local leaders.

The meeting also comes amid growing concerns that the ethnic trajectory the BBI process has taken as evident during the Narok BBI rally planning meetings where leaders from non-maasai community were evicted, is not good for cohesion

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei while commenting about the Eldoret meeting said,

“It seems BBI has been ‘weaponized’ to push for balkanization…It is sad that we are now seeing the true colours of BBI- being used to push for individual political ambitions. It is now a ‘us vs them’… ” .

The North Rift leaders are said to be concerned that if the BBI continues to follow the path it’s currently guided by ODM leaders, then it may lead into violence going into 2022.

But the meeting which was urgently convened has attracted the attention of police who have threatened to ban it citing lack of police permit. According to the police, a meeting bringing together a gathering to deliberate on any matter requires advance notice.

As Noth Rift leaders meet later today, two factions of Mt. Kenya leaders will be meeting at Safari Park and Panafric Hotel at 630 pm. The Safari Park meeting under the umbrella of Mount Kenya Foundation and Central Region Economic Block will meet and declare the region’s position in support of the BBI.

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But the Safari Park meeting believed to have been convened with the blessings of President Uhuru has been dealt a blow after majority of Kenya MPs planned to hold a parallel meeting at Panafric Hotel.

All eyes will be on the 3 meetings as their outcome will have a bearing on the BBI going forward.



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