Details of 3-hour Sonko meeting with Raila at Capital Hill, vows to support bbi

Details of 3 -hour Sonko meeting with Raila at Capital Hill, vows to support bbi
Mike Sonko with Raila Odinga at his Capital Hill office

Details have emerged of a 3-hour Sonko meeting with Raila that lifts the lid in the intricate dark web of political machinations and underhand deals. They say in politics what happens is not by mistake but by design. The meeting organized by Junet Mohammed and Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja materialized after Sonko made frantic calls to the opposition leader after it became imminent that Kiambu governor was going to be impeached.

It’s apparent Sonko didn’t want to go the Waititu way, and he had heard there is a house on the hill that cleanses any corruption tag. With the deep state done with Waititu, they would turn their daggers on Sonko.

On Thursaday at around 3 pm, Mike Sonko drove into Raila’s Capital Hill office and at hand to usher him was Junet Mohammed –a trusted Raila ally. Elsewhere about 2 miles away, Senators were debating the impeachment of Waititu and it was getting as succinctly clear as skies in the dry month of May that he was going to be impeached. Waititu’s goose had been cooked and a fairy bird had whispered to Sonko that the senators were going to throw the embattled governor under the bus. He had to act faster. Sonko maybe a dimwit per excellence but desperate measures calls for clever solutions.

As Junet pushed in the bio-metrically accessed door, Baba was deep in slumber-land, snoring fatigue away in a swinging chair. Maybe he was even even dreaming about 2022. It has become a habit for Raila to have unusually longer siesta. You’ve seen it even in rallies, but psychologist say it comes with old age. It took Junet a staggering 22 gentle pats and whispers “Baba….baba..baba—wake up… Sonko is here”, for Baba to wake up.

Capital Hill has become synonymous with cleansing. Many governors from Ann Waiguru to Charity Ngilu have gone there and came back as white as snow singing the ‘Nobody can stop reggae’ tune from the BBI hymn book. Mike Sonko wasn’t any filthier. His only crime as he alleges was opposing the powers that be.

Raila had few simple demands that wanted Sonko meet. Ask for forgiveness and swear to dutifully join the BBI brigade. Sonko had no difficulty asking for forgiveness and supporting BBi, and so he did graciously by going down on a bended knee. Supporting Raila and singing the BBi tune was nothing compared to staring at a political oblivion and being dragged from one court to another. Raila also demanded for Sh. 20 million in cash, and Sonko organized within 20 minutes. It was delived by EALA MP Simon Mbugua. After the the Sonko meeting with Raila, Junet Mohammed is reportedly receiving tons of calls from governors under EACC radar who want a handshake with Raila.

Sonko however had one plea to his highness the Baba, safe him from the jaws of DPP an EACC and Baba reciprocated the kind gesture vowing to make sure the charges against him are dropped. As you might be aware, the Nairobi governor had been planning press conferences this week which were later postponed to allow for the Sonko meeting with Raila. The presser was to announce he is formally supporting Raila and BBI.



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