Details of Uhuru meeting with Ruto at State House

Uhuru in a meeting with Ruto at State House

President Uhuru Kenyatta is currently hold up in a meeting with his deputy William Ruto at State House.

The close door meeting comes amid threats by ODM MPs to impeach DP Ruto.

The meeting also comes after Uhuru Kenyatta met Rift Valley governors at State House ahead of Nakuru BBI rally.

The governors are said to be uncomfortable working with Raila and snubbed an invite to attend a BBI preparatory meeting at Raila’s capital hill office. During the State House meeting with the President, the governors made it succinctly clear to Uhuru that they will not hand in their BBI views to Raila but instead present it to Haji or a member of the task force.

DP Ruto arrived for the highly charged meeting at around 10 am.

According to sources, Ruto drove in himself and join the President for the meeting whose details still remain scanty.

Tension between allies of the two leaders has been palpable for quite some time and escalated this week in the wake of threats to impeach Ruto over alleged disrespect to the President.

On the other hand, Uhuru has been unusually quiet amid the barrage of attacks against Ruto from the ODM MPs.

Recently, Ruto claimed that his life in danger as cartels within the system want him dead–sentiments which his allies say should not be taken lightly.

Kenyan’s are waiting with bated breadth for the outcome of the State House meeting in the hope that it will calm the political temperatures currently experienced.

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