Drama as MCAs Stormed out of Waiguru’s Meeting

Threats, coercion and intimidation characterized a highly charged meeting at Waiguru’s residence in Kangaru.

The meeting had been convened by Jubilee top echelons ostensibly to talk out the nominated MCAs from impeaching the embattled governor.

Earlier as exclusively reported by Daily Star, the meeting had been temporarily interrupted by rowdy youth who stormed the meeting demanding the impeachment of Waiguru.

Calm would later resume and the meeting proceeded.  However drama ensued after five hours of push and pull when the MCAs were presented with a paper to append their signatures denouncing the pending impeachment motion tabled by Mutira ward MCA David Kinyua.

Refusing to append their signatures, the MCAs stormed out, leaving a pissed off Waiguru gasping for breath as she shouted unprintable words threatening them of dire consequences.

Sources told Daily Star that at one point during the heated discussion, Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju called the MCAs warning them that they will lose their perks and nominated position if they did not tore the party line.

However the MCAs stood their ground saying issues raised in the impeachment petition were grave touching on corruption and they were ready for any eventuality for the sake of Kirinyaga people.

Waiguru has been having sleepless nights ever since the impeachment motion was tabled before the county assembly.



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