Drama at Parliament as Matiangi is blocked by military, ordered to follow protocol

Matiang'i blocked by military from viewing Moi's body

There was drama at Parliament building yesterday during the viewing in state of the body of the late former President Daniel Moi. Interior CS Fred Matiang’i was involved in a fracas with top military brass who blocked him as he attempted to breach protocol.

Matiang’i, the man who has been walking around in over-sized cloths, exuding confidence in assuming the role of the President in the absence of Uhuru Kenyatta had the longest day of his life he would rather chose to forget.

But yesterday’s events at Bunge seem to have humbled the Super CS, as he was put to his place during the public viewing of Moi’s body.

Drama started when PDU boss, Andrew Wakahiu, who was acting as Matiangi’s PA (since PA’s and bodyguards were not allowed) was stopped on his tracks as he attempted to elbow his way past the State Protocol.

The President and The First Lady were the first to walk in to view Moi’s body.

As per the viewing in state protocol, he was followed by the deputy president William Ruto.

Mama Ngina was third in queue by virtue of being the first family first lady.

It was at this point that PDU boss Wakahiu attempted to walk Matiang’i through to view the body of Mzee Moi.

The Sergeant at Arms quickly stepped in and blocked Matiang’i and his PA. Military generals were then called in who urged Matiang’i to wait on queue for their turn.

Speakers of parliament were then ushered in followed by military generals, parliamentary leadership, and Moi’s family. Matiang’i and other leaders were supposed to follow Moi’s family but when this time came, Matiang’i was nowhere to be seen.

Efforts to look for Matiangi’s pictures viewing Moi’s body in parliament were futile confirming the position that indeed Matiang’i left in a huff.

The Parliamentary VIP holding room was the next theater of action.

With President, his deputy, Mama Ngina, speakers of parliament, Military Generals, and parliamentary house leadership already in, Matiangi again was again blocked as he attempted to gain entry into the close door meeting.




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