Drama at Safari Park Hotel as Mt. Kenya tycoons differ during a close door meeting that plotted to kick Ruto out of Mt. Kenya

Drama as Mt Kenya safari park meeting ends in disagreement without a press
Governors and officials of Mt. Kenya Foundation with Raila Odinga at his Capital Hill office

A close door meeting held at Safari Park Hotel ended in disarray after top politicians and tycoons failed to agree on the plot to kick Ruto out of Mt. Kenya.

The details of the close door meeting have emerged 2 days later after the acrimonious meeting that went late into the night.

The meeting that brought together top politicians and oligarchs from Central region was so secretive that members of the media were not allowed.

Only a handful of MPs attended the meeting that went late into the night as Majority of MPs opted for a parallel meeting at Panafric Hotel.

The meeting ended in disarray and the leaders did not address the media as had been anticipated.

It’s believed the disagreements and lack of a common stand on the BBI proposals led to the postponement of the press release that was expected on Tuesday.

According to a source, the meeting will be re-convened again in a months time.

The meeting backed by powerful politicians and Tycoons with the blessings of President Uhuru Kenyatta was intended to come up with the region’s position in support of the BBI.

The Safari Park meeting was convened by Mt. Kenya tycoons with the blessings of President Uhuru Kenyatta under the auspices of Mount Kenya Foundation and Central Region Economic Block (CEREB).

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Tycoons from Mt. Kenya are said to be concerned by the growing Ruto influence in Mt. Kenya, and in the absence of a Presidential candidate, the group is said to be worried of being left out of 2022 government which may expose and affect their businesses adversely.

It’s against this backdrop that the tycoons are backing a referendum to include the post of a Prime Minister as it will ensure their region get represented in the next government.

The group has been funding the amorphous Kieleweke group to scuttle Ruto’s support in the region under the disguise of disrespecting the President.

After the Monday Safari park Hotel meeting, some officials of Mount Kenya Foundation joint some governors from the region in paying a visit to Raila at his Capital Hill office to discuss the Meru BBI rally scheduled for this weekend.



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