Drunkard Kenyatta the worst dictator and a threat to our democracy –Kandara MP Alice Wahome

Jubilee MP Alice Wahome, in a viral video circulating online commenting on the current political developments has labelled President Uhuru Kenyatta as the worst leader Kenya has ever had. Wahome termed Uhuru Kenyatta as the worst dictator and a threat to peace and democracy. The MP was commenting on recent outbursts by former Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe that Uhuru is too young to retire. Wahome attributed the current tough economic times Kenyans are going through to Uhuru’s poor leadership and urged him to retire honorably. “

Uhuru Kenyatta is on the driver’s seat and what he inherited from Kibaki was a rich democracy. Raila Odinga is his new political machinery and the BBi is his Special Purpose Vehicle to extent power beyond 2022,” she said.
According to Ms Wahome, the trio, Murathe, Atwoli and Ms Mugo, are speaking what they discuss with Uhuru in drinking dens and Kenyans should take them seriously.

“I don’t think Murathe is dreaming. I don’t think Atwoli is speaking from nowhere. I don’t think Beth Mugo, who is a close relative of Uhuru Kenyatta, is also speaking from nowhere,” she said.

The bold iron lady has been lauded by a section of Jubilee legislators for being bold enough to tell of a tyrant.



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