Embarrassing moments as Raila is blocked from white house by secret service

Raila Blocked from meeting trump in white house by secret service
US President Donald Trump with President Uhuru Kenyatta during a past meeting at the White House. Image: COURTESY

Embarassing moments as Raila is blocked from white house by secret service, Daily Star can authoritatively report.

There was drama yesterday evening at White House when former prime minister Raila Odinga found himself in unfamiliar territory, in a foreign land, marooned by hawked-eyed secret service who blocked his entry to White House. In what can be embarrassing moments for Odinga’s hugely successful trip to the USA in the company of his handshake ‘brother’ Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila was blocked from White House by Secret Service yesterday evening who had clear orders that only government officials were to be allowed in the bilateral meeting.

Raila had jovially followed Uhuru’s motorcade which was snaking its way to White House for bilateral talks with Trump. The American President had just escaped the jaws of impeachment by a whisker- the Republican controlled Senate voted 52-48, to safe the embattled President, and ahead was a banquet. Raila was looking forward to gulp some expensive Scottish-exotic wine, and a reggae tune dance beside President Uhuru. But that was not to be. Reggae stopped.
Unknown to Raila, Trump’s meeting with Uhuru was a bilateral one and Raila either gullibly or foolishly followed Uhuru to White House. It’s not yet known how Raila managed to reach the precincts of white house, but sources indicate that he sneaked into the car of one of the cabinet secretaries.

White House is not your ordinary place and every car is screened and that’s how Raila was found.

As Trump’s meeting with Uhuru continued, Raila was going through barrage of harassment in the hands of secret service officers. Efforts by Raila to reach Uhuru were futile as his temporary American cell phone remained unreachable. According to security experts, cellular connections within white house are blocked except that of Trump.

Uhuru and Raila attended a prayer breakfast meeting in USA. The duo explained the handshake and BBi to the world and urged the Americans to support them in their endeavor to unite Kenyans through Constitutional amendment that will create an expanded executive



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