Ezekiel Mutua to abolish valentine’s day during this year’s men’s conference

Ezekiel_mutua to abolish valentine's day
Ezekiel Mutua

This year’s annual men’s conference slated for valentines day the 14th of Feburuary 2020 has received a major boost after Kenya Films and Classification Board CEO and moral cop Ezekiel Mutua accepted invitation by the conference organizers to give a keynote address. Other prominent guests expected this year’s conference are Eldoret businessman Mzee Jackson Kibor, Bishop Jackson Kosgei, and Robert Burale,

This year’s theme according to the invitation seen by Daily Star is “The Role and Place of Man in Society: Reclaiming the lost Glory” which according to the organizers seeks to reclaim the important role of the boy child as the head of a family. Ezekiel Mutua while acknowledging the invitation to be a keynote speaker observed that the men’s conference comes at a time when the authority of the boy child in Kenya is diminishing and the usurping attempt by women to play men at the detriment of the African culture.

Mutua confirmed he will be using his powers as the Kenyan moral cop to initiate the process of abolishing the Valentine’s Day and replacing it with a more men-centric theme in tandem with the African culture. According to Mutua, Valentine’s day has given the boy child untold pressure and humiliation leading some to depression and suicide.

“A lot of undue pressure has been put on men, including the recent Twa Twa craze, the negative effects of foreign cultures imposed through films and tv programs, and the waning of social support systems for the boy child, with the resultant decline in self-confidence and self-esteem, leading to depression and suicide in some cases, as reported in sections of the media”, said Mutua.

This according to the film classification boss calls for an immediate mechanism to rescue men and guide them to be men in their homes and spheres of influence. Mutua says this is in line with the sub-themes at the scheduled men’s conference “Gather All, Scatter None” which aims to teach men to love their wives and fend for their families while at the same time adequately maintaining their slay queens.

Businessman Jackson Kibor has also expressed strong reservation about valentine’s day and calling for urgent measures to tame the waning influence of the boy child in society dominated by equality seeking women



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