Fate of explosive dossier on Musando’s murder in limbo as whereabouts of Moses Kuria unknown.

Wherebouts of Moses Kuria unknown
Moses Kuria

The much anticipated explosive dossier on the murder of Chris Musando is in limbo as the whereabouts of the Moses Kuria remains unknown. According to his wife, the MP didn’t sleep at their matrimonial home in Gatundu and frantic calls to his mobile were futile as he remained unreachable.
Kuria had threatened to release a potentially damaging dossier that he says will incriminate 2 powerful State officials in the murder of Chris Musando. The MP’s threats has send shock waves in country as anxious Kenyans wait pensively for the scheduled press conference. But as the countdown boils down to a few hours, and anxiety boils up even more, Kenyans might wait longer to know the true killers Musando.

Yesterday the controversial legislator had said his life is in danger after his security detail were withdrawn and ordered to report to Nairobi for deployment. He also said suspicious people had been trailing him.
As the family continue to wallow in miasma of desperation over his whereabouts, his other family in parliament, a section of Jubilee MPs are planning a press conference to castigate what they termed as politicization of the security apparatus. Some of his colleagues who talked on condition of anonymity for fear of crakdown are also worried about the legislator’s whereabouts as they can’t reached him though his cellphone.
Yesterday, chief whip and Mumias East MP Benjamin Washiali emerged from hideout after his family and colleagues had reported him missing. Washiali claims he had to hide to avoid assassination attempts by hit squad who marooned his home at the wee hours of the morning on the date of the Mumias rally.
The crack down by police on the anti-BBI politicians allied to DP William Ruto has intensified as BBI campaigns gain momentum. ODM leader Raila Odinga has given a July deadline for the plebiscite to be done and the heightened campaigns could have been informed by the fact that the team is running against time




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