FlipSide Post: The 2022 Uhuru’s dilemma and the Moi factor and why Ruto was denied access to see Moi

Why ruto was denied access to see Moi
Mama Ngina Kenyatta when she went to see Mzee Moi

Listen class, today we shall use pictorials as teaching aid so that you understand the lesson clearly.

Kenya has had only one absolute ‘King’ since independence. That is Daniel Moi.

Daniel Moi is the true epitome of a brave heart who used every insult, direspect, disregard and disdain as arsenal to build up his political armour.

He is the only president both past and future to ever rule the longest, indivisible and in a single party era presidency.

Moi goes down history as one one Africa’s, smartest dictators. He ruled by the iron fist, and retired on his own terms, and rules today by proxy.

Moi’s reign was so powerful and influential that the 10 year Kibaki presidency is easily forgotten, like it was a commercial break presidency, and only remembered by way of Grand Coalition and the PEV that resulted in making today’s leaders. Raila was made PM by PEV and Uhuruto were brought into the play by ICC, a child of the PEV. But I digress.

Moi is running Kenya by proxy today.

The first term of Jubilee was William Ruto’s term. William ran Kenya himself, literally. William became so powerful bolstered by the fact that he singly ran Jubilee politics, since he’s the senior most politician in Jubilee. William dictated Nairobi and Kiambu politics and gave every Jubilee Governor their seat. All. From Waiguru to Sonko. William controlled the Jubilee party nominations and for anyone who wanted to be a governor in a jubilee strong hold, only William determined that fate.

It was so bad, that after the 2017 elections, and into the second term, the ‘System’, which are basically Moi stooges went back to Mzee to dilute William.

Moi only had one demand to his son Uhuru. To give the mantle to his other son Gideon.

Now, Moi hates Ruto with a passion.

Moi made William, a small boy, into a man. Yet William had the audacity to urinate in the king’s plate.

After the passing of Kipkalya Kones, William became the defacto Kalenjin kingpin.

How does he become a kingpin yet we had a living former African strongman and president amongst the sons of Kitwek?

William ensured that Moism was absolutely deleted from Kalenjin land to a point, Gideon only became relevant in Baringo. William diluted Moi’s influence to a zero and this was absolute embarrassment to Mzee. The rest is history.

In 2018, when the plan was mooted to use Moi against William, they knew he had only one effective play. He was the only one capable of ordering Uhuru on what to do. Uhuru had been unable to shake away Ruto previously.

But how would one get Moi to listen?

Mama Ngina.

From an earlier post I made, you realise that Uhuru is Moi’s adopted son and he is where he is because of Moi, politically, socially and financially. By the time Mzee Kenyatta passed on, Mama Ngina’s household was disregarded by the larger Kenyatta extended family and by extension Kikuyus. That’s why even in 2002, Uhuru could not even get his own relatives to campaign and vote for him. In 2002, 99% of Uhuru’s votes were from Moi’s people.

So Mama Ngina was briefed and she went to see Moi about her hostage president of a son.

Subsequent to that ice breaking meeting veiled as ‘goodwill’ meetings, Uhuru visited Moi severally and then he was told, to bring Raila in.

Raila is the one person who suffered the greatest under Moi. He was detained for 9 years. He was picked up by special branch one morning when Rosemary was only 8 years old, and he told her he would return later. She asked him for a teddy bear when he came back. Raila didn’t see his daughter again until she was almost 18 years old. The story is sadder than this.

Earlier on in 1982, the Luo had attempted to overthrow Moi’s government by way of airforce. In fact, this one act, is what turned Moi into the Kalenjin Moran president he became later.

Clearly, these two, Moi and Raila were oil and water.

However, Moi knew his plan would work if Ruto was isolated because if Ruto joined forces with Raila again, Kenya would slip away from the bonafide Moi/Kenyatta system. Raila may be a son of a former vice President, but he is not part of the system.

Raila went to see Moi.

Raila and his family members went to see Moi.

Heavyweight public noisemaker number one, Kenya’s unelected political broker Atwoli went to see Moi.

ODM deputy party leader and Mombasa Governor Joho went to see Moi.

New age political prospect and Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua went to see Moi.

NASA leader and former vice President Kalonzo went to see Moi.

President of supreme court Maraga went to see Moi.

Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui went to see Moi.

Former head of AP and NIS operative/ statehouse comptroller Mbugua went to see Moi.

South Sudan president and Moi’s mtu wa mkono in the region Salva Kiir went to see Moi.

Uganda’s strong Man and the only one who can complicate Raila’s presidency or regional influence Museveni went to see Moi.

Civil servants, political wheeler dealers and other players went to see Moi.

William Kipchirchir Ruto was DENIED ACCESS to see Moi.

Moi’s demand that Uhuru gives Gideon the mantle is complicated because, Moi is currently in his sunset days… so the demand doubles up like a death wish by a dying father. Uhuru is indebted to Moi for everything he did for him and his family.

Complication two. Gideon doesn’t have any following in Rift Valley or beyond. He is a microwave politician who has failed to inspire any likeability. He is a spoilt billionaire who can’t manage to campaign for himself.

So,Uhuru gave the job to his new allies to do the politicking.

Because of such complications, Rift Valley is still untouched.

Rift valley has been the stage of every post election cyclic violence due to historical reasons. All political movements in this country is because of the rift valley. All the way from 1988 Mlolongo elections to the 2017 jubilee elections.

So BBI that isolates the rift valley is nothing more than kiini macho. The Rift Valley is a geographic nightmare that cuts off Nyanza and Western from the rest of Kenya. You can’t ignore it in any national reorganization. The people must be on board. It’s not even a debatable ideology. Otherwise, all previous pacts and treaties become null. And there’s no government power absolute or otherwise that can govern an ungovernable citizenry. Political scientists understand this better.

The current heightened state of affairs affecting Jubilee pitting William Ruto on one side and BBI on the other is a purely Kalenjin dogfight. Everyone else is a pawn in a high stakes game. The reason government is frustrating and arresting everyone else other than Kalenjin politicians is because the play is about isolationism. Not justice. No body insults or threatens government everyday than Sudi, Cherargei, Aaron Cheruiyot or Nelson Koech. The most that ever happens to them is cosmetic justice. Ruto’s political bedrock is intact and almost impenetrable, that’s why, the startegy is to first ‘attempt’ to isolate the other tribes through divide and rule. I say attempt, because they haven’t succeeded yet, and that’s why the likes of Kiunjiri and Moses Kuria will continue to suffer as collateral damage

So, when I see what’s at play and see how calm Ruto is, it’s because he understands where his war comes from.

Everyone in BBI today is only connected by the hate and fear of Ruto. They have absolutely no other common reason as they are all of different ideology, political beliefs and cultural setups.

If you pick up The Standard or The Star, two publications controlled by Moi, they have decided to become mercenary political mouth pieces. They are today’s Kenya Times which used to be owned by KANU. Nation newspaper just sells its headlines space.

Moi is on absolute life machine support right now. Ruto will not wage war just yet. It’s disrespectful and a taboo.

As he said yesterday in Ukambani, all the forces are aligning themselves and exposing their play. Time for retaliatory politics will come. For now, BBI will stink it’s relevance in the most irrelevant places, leaving out the real stage of Kenya’s politics.

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