FlipSidePost : Why Ruto sent his allies to Mombasa BBI rally

Jubilee MPs make about turn, to attend BBI rallys
Jubilee MPs at a Press conference in Serena Hotel

I’d advise Junet to be solomonic and wise about how they run their BBI rally in Mombasa

The two previous BBI meetings had been turned into Ruto bashing rallies. Now, Ruto has sent his team to Mombasa anticipating a skewed program line up and an ODM stronghold to shout them down.

This sets the precedence for the Eldoret BBi rally which follows the subsequent week. Ruto hasn’t cowed into it, he is sending you juicy and meaty bait to bite such as delicious Murkomen and sumptuous Susan Kihika, so that the fault lines that you’ve been taunting can be finally drawn. By sending his troops to the front line in a Kieleweke/ODM run event in an ODM stronghold, he’s dangling a carrot so sweet that political novices will bite. Not just the novices, egomaniacs like Atwoli and Kamanda will want to flex as well. Ironic that the loudest are both unelected fossils…but that’s none of my business….

Before Eldoret repsonds, Tangatanga will spend the whole week presenting themselves as victims of a Raila led onlaught, that they tried to be part of BBI but were mistreated.

Like i said, you’re dealing with a veteran political mongrel who has been to the ICC and won. Don’t take his silence for weakness, that would be catastrophically fatal for you.



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