Foreigners in Echesa scam sneaked out of the country

Two foreigners in Echesa scam sneaked out of the country
Two foreigners in Echesa scam sneaked out of the country . The duo boarded a charted flight last night

The plot into the fake military firearms scandal has taken a new twist after the two foreigners at the center of the scandal were secretly sneaked out of the country last night, Daily Star has learnt.

The two – Kozlowski Stanley Bruno and Mamdouh Mostafa Lofty- said to be Polish citizens but investors in the USA with Eco Advanced LLC took a chartered flight yesterday at 2200 hours and flew away leaving the Echesa scam more mysterious like their identity.

The identity of the two foreigners has remained largely anonymous safe for the unclear mugshots from CCTV images. Other than that, no picture, image or video of the two can be traced. It’s not yet proven if the duo recorded an OB with the police.

The secret sneaking out of the two foreigners comes after the deputy president through his Chief of Staff Ken Osinde had written a letter to the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai asking him to reveal the identities of the two foreigners, their visa types and status.

Ruto also wanted the two foreigners blocked from sneaking out of the country until the Echesa Scam case is conclusively investigated.

It’s not yet known who aided the two alleged investors sneak out of the country but its believed they had the support of top security officials.

Just like its directors, little is also known about Eco Advance –the company at the center of the scam. A quick search could not show any digital footprints of the company. It does not have a website, and social media profiles thus lending credence to allegations that it could be a briefcase company with no capacity to supply military requirements.

The duo have accused former sports CS Rashid Echesa of swindling them with a promise to secure a multi-billion firearms tender.

Echesa is alleged to have used the DP’s offfice to swindle Sh 11 million advance brokerage fees from Kozlowski Stanley Bruno and Mamdouh Mostafa Lofty.

A CCTV footage played by Kinoti shows the two foreigners enter Harambee Annex and are ushered into the second floor where Ruto’s office is situated.



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