Gideon Moi to sue Nation Group over defamatory port story

Baringo senator Gedion Moi to sue Nation Group
Baringo Senator Gedion Moi

Baringo senator Gedion Moi has threatened to sue the Nation group over a defamatory port story. The Daily Nation had carried a story that Senator Gedion Moi was quizzed by DCI detectives to unravel his companies links to various irregularly awarded and inflated tenders at the port. The story also highlighted here on Daily Star showed how the Baringo senator through his company Mitchell Cotts ltd was awarded various lucrative tenders that are now subject of investigations.

Mitchell Cotts Ltd is owned by Gideon Moi and kanu era powerful politician Joshua Kulei among others. Mitchell Cotts according to the DCI director George Kinoti was irregularly awarded a tender to provide leasing yards for holding KPA containers at the Inland Container Depot Nairobi. The DCI believes that the congestion at the container Terminal was artificially created to force all cargo containers to be cleared at this new leased space.

Gedion Moi through his advocates, the TripleOKLaw has issued a demand letter to the Nation Group for unconditional apology within 48 hours over a libelous publication on its dailies. Gideon Moi avers that the publication has painted him as corrupt in the eyes of Kenyans and his supporters. The senator holds that he is not corrupt and has never been been charged in any court and the publication has caused him emotional anguish and irreparably damaged his reputation as a presidential candidate.

Demand letter by Gideon Moi to Nation Group

Libelous cases have become a common trend in Kenyan political space, with media and legal experts unable to distinguish the thin line between media freedom and libel. Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru recently threatened to sue musician King Kaka over the Wajinga Nyinyi song but later withdrew the demand after public outcry.

It will be interesting to see if Gideon Moi will make good his threats to sue considering libelous suits can be self damaging to politicians especially when a respondents demands for information such as KRA returns that will help them defend the case.



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