Haji: Coronavirus will not stop a referendum

Referendum is a must, Yusuf Haji now says
BBI task force chairman Yusuf Haji

Garissa senator Yusuf Haji who is also the chairman of the Building Bridges Initiative has told Kenyans to brace for a referendum despite the lock down caused by coronavirus.

Haji who talked to a local Newspaper on Sunday, said the support for a plebiscite has been overwhelming citing the views presented by Kenyans during public hearings.

The Garissa senator said referendum is the only way to effect the changes captured in the BBI report.

Haji was however careful not to preempt the report by saying when the referendum would be but reiterated nothing will stop in the way of Kenya’s guest for change.

“It’s upon the two principals -Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga– to decide when they want the referendum”, Haji said.

According to Haji, majority of views captured in the report have called for an extended executive comprising of a prime minister and two deputies. Kenyans also want punitive punishment on corruption suspects and a solution to the recurring post election violence because of divisive elections.

Haji revealed that the BBI secretariat has split the report into three sections.

“Some issues we feel can be addressed administratively and we will proposing solutions for them as such.

Then we have proposals which will be implemented via legislation in Parliament.

Lastly we have proposals like expanding the executive which can only be implemented through a referendum,” Mr Haji said.

But despite the threat of coronavirus that has caused lock down in the country and the world at large, referendum appears to be unstoppable.

Haji revealed that the BBI team has been meeting to draft the report despite ban on public meetings and gatherings.

The confirmation of first incident of Coronavirus in Kenya led to the cancellation of Nakuru BBI rally that was expected to capture the views of the entire Rift Valley. It’s not yet known whether the BBI task force team will hand in a report without the views of the region.



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