Herbalist healed my daughter -Raila Odinga

The Odinga family have opened up for the first time about the tribulations that the family went through after their daughter Rosemary Odinga lost eye sight. Rosemary who regained eye sight this week went blind two years ago and was forced to seek treatment from world’s best doctors around the world. And now the Odingas have revealed that they are grateful to a renowned herbalist in a remote part of India who finally restored their daughter’s sight.

“We got to a point where we nearly gave up as a family after unsuccessfully visiting many hospitals including in Germany, China and South Africa before she was finally healed by a herbalist in India,” said Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga ranked the healing amongst the many milestones the family achieved this year and for which they are grateful.

“Doctors in South Africa said she will never regain her sight. However, a friend introduced us to a doctor in India who used herbal medicine to help her recover,” he said



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