Here are the beneficiaries of Moi’s multi-billion estate as captured in his will

Moi's children included in the will

Before former President died, his greatest wish was to see a united and prosperous Kenya. A country led by his nyayo philosophy of peace, love and unity. That Moi was a revered christian was not in doubt–it’s even said his wish was to be buried with his signature ‘rungu’ and bible.

It has since emerged that Moi drafted a a will way before he died, sharing his multi-billion properties among his children. The properties have hitherto been under the grasp of his scion son, Gideon Moi.

This was revealed on Monday by his long time Moi’s lawyer Kennnedy Kiplagat who dissuaded fears that the death of Mzee Moi will mark the beginning of endless wrangles and squabbles as reported by a section of the media.

Kennedy Kiplagat said Moi began preparing the will when it became imminent that he had few years left.

Moi’s investment run in the tune of sh 300 billion ranging from banking, transport and logistics, schools, media, real estate, to large scale farming .

Gideon Moi
He is Moi’s scion and the heir apparent to the thrown who will inherit majority of Moi’s estate. He is rumored to have forged the power of attorney and illegally transferred some companies to himself through proxies. He is the current Baringo senator and Kanu party leader.

Philip Moi
Philip came to the limelight after his estranged ex-wife Rossana PLuda sued him for sh 80 million in maintenance and child support. A former military officer, Philip pleaded to the judge not to consider the fact that he was the son of Moi saying that his financial status said differently. Apart from the court cases, little is known about the former military man.

Raymond Moi
The soft-spoken Rongai Constituency MP is said to be in good books with Gideon Moi. Despite his stature as a politician, he has maintained a low profile.

Jonathan Moi
The family of the renowned safari rally driver has also been included in the ill. Jonahan was Moi’s eldest son and unlike his father, he chose the path to pursue his passion as a rally driver. Jonathan lived a modest life despite being the son of President Moi. He died of pancreatic cancer in April 2019.

Jenifer Kositany

Jenifer Kositany has also been included in the will. The eldest daughter has been living with Moi in Kabarak or Kabarnet gardens in Nairobi after deserting her family when her husband Stephen Kositany died in a tragic road accident in 1994. She is a known alcoholic known to gulp several bottles of Danish Tuborg beer. She is also rumored to have had a stint sexual relationship with the late businessman Jacob Juma.

John Mark , June and Doris

Little has been said about John Mark, apart from owning Kaisugu Tea Farm in Mau Forest which according to the Ndungu report is public land and should be returned to the public.

June, Moi’s adopted daughter –Lena’s niece -will also be entitled to a share of Moi’s properties as captured in the will

Philip’s twin sister Doris although he was never in good books with his father has also been included in the will. June eloped with Sammy Choge, the son of the Moi-era politician Ibrahim Choge against his father’s approval.



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