How Matiang’i instigated the sacking of Itumbi and 4 other State House Directors

    How Matiangi instigated the sacking of Itumbi

    Former State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi had perhaps seen it coming, and instead of lying low and be a ‘Yes sir’ man to the system, he chose the unlikely path– face the system head on to the detriment of his job.

    Itumbi is just one of the many statistics that have become victims of Interior Ministry’s crack down on dissenting voices against the BBI.

    From heads of parastatals who were hounded out of office, to Cabinet ministers and governors allied to DP Ruto, the list reads like the who is who in an invite only celebrity event.

    On Wednesday, Itumbi was unceremoniously sacked together with four others believed to be collateral damage.

    Itumbi is not new to controversy, and lately until his sacking, he has been on war path with with Matiang’i and Kibicho-two of Uhuru’s trusted aides–accusing them of using their offices to frustrate those with dissenting opinion and supporting DP Ruto.

    Itumbi took it upon himself, to vigorously confront the duo head on. He labeled them “State House Prefects’ for their persistent move to direct and control affairs of State House perhaps without Uhuru’s knowledge.

    Daily Star can authoritatively report that, Interior CS Fred Matiang’i instigated the sacking of Dennis Itumbi and his four colleagues. Itumbi, made a name as a blogger who revealed classified information that the system were not even aware of. He is considered a serial hacker who is one touch of a button away from any information.

    That Matiang’i and Kibicho were bound to retaliate was a matter of when and not if.
    Mataing’i probably concerned by Itumbi’ s persistent attacks, schemed and pulled the rug under Itumbi’s feet.

    He wrote a letter to the Public Service Commission requesting for the sacking of five State House Directors citing re-organization of government.

    The Public Service Commission wrote back on March, 18 acknowledging receipt of Matiangi’s letter and the redundancy of the offices as per his request.

    Like said earlier, Itumbi is not new to controversies. In 2013, he was accused of hacking into the ICC severs and revealing the list of ICC witness.
    While those allegations can not be verified, there is no contention that Itumbi fought tooth and nail to have Uhuru and Ruto charges at the Hague based court dropped.

    He would later be dragged to the courts over the ICC witness hacking claims and with no evidence to support the case, the charges were dropped. Itumbi sued the State and walked home Ksh 5 million richer in damages.

    It’s not yet known what Itumbi’s next move will be, but one thing is clear-that the man who has made a name as a senior blogger will rise. He is the kind of player you would love to have and hate to play for your opponent.



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