How Sonko’s frantic calls to Uhuru to save him from impeachment flopped

Minko, sonko fate now lies with the MCAs as impeachment motion is tabled
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko

Embattled Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s frantic calls to President Uhuru Kenyatta in a bid to safe him from MCAs’ onslaught flopped after the head of state declined to pick his calls.

This paves way for the MCAs who are determined to impeach him. Yesterday the impeachment motion was tabled before the county assembly and it appears to have the requisite support to seal the fate of the governor.

Sonko has since fallen out with every establishment that would have guaranteed his survival.

Sources indicate the embattled governor made frantic calls to be included in yesterday’s State House meeting that brought together the governors for a meeting with President Uhuru and members of his cabinet. During the meeting, Sonko was conspicuously missing.

After the State House meeting failed, which he had hoped to seek audience with the President, Sonko visited Harambee Annex to seek audience with the Deputy President William Ruto to reign on Jubilee MCAs to shoot down the impeachment motion.

According to a source, the governor left in a huff after waiting for DP Ruto for close to three hours. Ruto was reportedly not in the office as he was still in State House for the meeting with governors.

For the past week, Sonko has been engaged in a bee hive of activities as he tries to safe face from the looming impeachment. Like a drowning man, he has been clutching on every straw but it appears his fate is sealed having fallen out with majority of MCAs.

Sonko’s Impeachment in Numbers

The say you can buy education, but you can never buy wisdom. Sonko’s biggest undoing according to sources in the City assembly was when he engineered the return of speaker Beatrice Elachi who had been impeached by the county assembly. His actions have now come to haunt him with Elachi believed to be working with powerful state house officials to ensure his ouster.

The fate of Sonko now lies in the hands of MCAs majority of whom are determined to sent him the Waititu way.

The impeachment talk has been in the offing since Sonko was charged in December and only gained impetus after the impeachment of his counterpart, former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu.

Sonko seemed to have gotten a life-line last month when he visited opposition leader Raila Odinga at his Capital Hill office, but in an unexpected turn of events, the ODM MCAs have disregarded Raila’s directive to stop his impeachment.



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