How to earn daily with Mpost by being an agent

become an mpost agent and earn commission

The postal corporation of Kenya through its revolutionary mobile postal services Mpost have come up with a campaign dubbed #PataAjrianaMpost. This new campaign seeks to leverage on the power of social media and networking to enhance postal address penetration among the populace and also address unemployment among the youth in Kenya

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How to earn from Mpost

The #PataAjiranaMpost seeks to leverage on social networking skills of Kenyans by being Mpost agents who will refer friends and family members to register for Mpost postal address. In return, the Mpost agent will earn a commission for every successful client who signs up and pays the Ksh. 300 anual fee.

How much can I earn by being an Mpost agent

An Mpost agent earns Ksh. 50 send directly to MPesa for every successful member they register. During registration, a customer is asked to enter the mobile phone number of a person who referred them to register with mpost. The is no limit on the amount of commissioned received . Agents who reach 200 registrations per month become super agents. Super agents earn a commission of ksh. 65 per successful registration.

How to become an agent

1.   Pitch and sell MPost to any person and ensure they complete registration.
2.   During registration, let the person enter your safaricom number as the referee.
3.   Sit down and receive ksh 50 from MPost.

You can also become an agent by visiting ajira portal and signing up there.




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