How to own a postal adress in Kenya with Mpost

How to register for mpost

The launch of Mpost post services by the Postal Corporation of kenya in collaboration with the leading teleco giant Safaricom will no doubt revolutionize the postal services in Kenya. For years, postal services has been for the select few who own postal address with the majority of Kenyans missing out on postal services. However, with the launch of mpost, many Kenyans are going to access postal services right on their phones

How it Works

Mpost postal services are pegged on users Safaricom mobile number. With Mpost, users can receive their letters or numbers without a physical postal address commonly known as P.O Box. once registered on Mpost, users are given a virtual address linked to their mobile numbers and get notified via SMS once their parcels arrived.

How to Register for Mpost

Safaricom subscribers can register for the service by dialing *234# and following prompt instructions or by via web by visiting .To be activate, users are required to pay Ksh. 300 annually fees. 

Advantages Besides being cheaper and convenient than conventional postal address, mpost offers you a a seamlessly private deliveries since you don’t have to share your address with anyone. This comes with the added benefit of safety. In the traditional postal address, cases of parcels getting lost are quite rampant since many people share a P.o Box with friends or neighbors who can misplace their parcels

The new postal service is also flexible as users can change their locations and the parcels will be delivered to their new pick up point.




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