How Uhuru discovered plan to delay viewing of Moi’s body to await Raila, takes charge of the preparations

How Uhuru discovered plan to delay viewing of Moi's body to await for Raila
President Uhuru Kenyatta with First Lady during the viewing in state of Moi's body at Parliament building

President Uhuru jetted back to the country on Friday night to utter dismay and shock. His plan to give his mentor and former President Daniel Moi a befitting state burial was in limbo. Sabotage galore and behind it were people he trusted with the process. Unknown to the President as he would later learnt, was a scheme to delay the viewing of Moi’s body to await the arrival of former prime minister Raila Odinga.

What he found out shock him to the core. A clique of senior state officials in cahoot with some opposition leaders had planned to delay the viewing of in state of Mzee Moi’s body to await the return of opposition leader Raila Odinga. It’s believed that James Orengo had persuaded Gideon Moi who in turn persuaded Interior CS Fred Matiang’i to have the viewing in state done on Monday when the opposition leader Raila Odinga would have arrived. He is expected to arrive today and albeit late and being the last senior politician to view, his entry to parliament is expected to attract a lot of sensation.

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When Uhuru got wind of the sinister plan, he is said to have been furious with Fred Matiangi and head of public service Joseph Kinyua who were in charge of the funeral plans. It is at this point Uhuru decided to take charge of the process. He ordered for the embalming of the body -which had also been delayed under the pretext of awaiting experts from the United Kingdom.

Fed up with the slow pace the process was taking, and with intelligence that senior government officials had sabotaged the process to give credit to the opposition leader Raila Odinga, President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday drove himself to Nyayo Stadium to check on the preparations for Tuesday’s public memorial service.

Sources indicate that Uhuru was increasingly getting incensed by the jostling and hankering of some senior officers charged with overseeing the process to mine political capital out of his mentor’s death. The President was also mad at Matiang’i’s plan to hijack the event for political expediency by competing for media attention instead of preparing a decent sendoff for his political mentor.

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As this was happening, James Orengo and other senior politicians from Nyanza had postponed the viewing of Moi’s body until former premier Raila Odinga arrives from Ethiopia. According to sources, Orengo had planned to view the body on Saturday and Sunday but he cancelled until Raila arrives later today. It’s also reported that he brought a delegation from Nyanza who have been forced to spent three nights instead of one at a high-end hotel.




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