Raila Odinga: I don’t fear Miguna as he is inconsequential, we will allow him return back to Kenya

I don't fear Raila, he is inconsequantial
Raila Odinga and Matiangi at BBI delegates meeting in Kisii

ODM party leader Raila Odinga has broken his pin-drop silence on the Miguna Miguna fiasco for the first time since the embattled lawyer was forcefully deported for presiding over his oath talking ceremony at Uhuru Park.
Raila said he does not fear Miguna Miguna as he is very inconsequential. He also said Miguna will be allowed to return back into the country as he is not a threat to anybody.
The ODM leaader was speaking in Kisii county where he presided over a BBi delegates meeting meant to drum up support for the BBi and the expected plebiscite.
” I don’t fear Miguna Miguna. He is very inconsequential . We are going to allow him return back since we want everybody. We want inclusivity “, said Odinga. The opposition leader however took a swipe at the controversial lawyer calling him arrogant and full of himself. “The problem with Miguna is that he thinks he knows everything and he is above everybody. He should learn to control his pride and anger”, said Raila.
Raila’s remarks comes barely days after Miguna was evicted from two JKIA bound planes in Europe. According to Miguna Miguna, the government gave orders to airlines barring him from stepping into Kenya or any Africa country.
Uhuru Kenyatta has been accused of fragrantly disobeying court orders granting unconditional return of the self-declared NRM General. Today his lawyers led by John Khaminwa were yet again at the corridors of justice seeking to compel the government to respect court orders and cite it for contempt. The judge has directed that the Attorney General appear before court on Monday to explain why the government has not enforced its orders.
Miguna Miguna has been on the overdrive accusing President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga as despots who have maimed the constitution and the rule of law by blatantly disobeying court orders.



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