Deputy President has made a tough rebuttal to Raila Odinga days after the opposition leader accused DP Ruto of hosting and dishing out money to delegates at his Sugoi home. Over the Xmas period, Ruto hosted thousands of delegates from Western, Kisii and Central at his home and this has become the center of feud between the two leaders with Raila Odinga accusing Ruto of entrenching corruption by dishing out money in envelopes to guests visiting him. Raila claimed that the open bribery by Ruto has made members of parliament disrespect president Kenyatta and their position on handshake and BBi. However Ruto in a quick rejoinder wondered why Raila should be concerned when he has not asked his wife Idah Odinga to assist in preparing meals for his guests.
” The food being cooked is mine, the wife cooking is mine, and the guests are mine. I have not asked your wife to come assist me cook food for my visitors or wash utensils. However if you feel the need to help, you are welcomed”. Wondered a bemused Ruto


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