I will marry Gladys Shollei, she is pregnant for my child, Mzungu lover reveals

Gladys Sholleis is pregnant for Mzungu man
Gladys Shollei with her lover Marco Gonzeloz in Monterosso al Mare beach in Milan, Italy.

‘I will marry Gladys Shollei, she is pregnant ‘, Mzungu lover linked to Uasin Gishu women rep has sensationally revealed. The Mzungu man revealed his intention for a marital bliss and could not hide his joy saying Gladys Shollei is pregnant for his child. Photos of Gladys with her mzungu man lit up the social media as it emerged the two love birds were in Monterosso al Mare beach in Milan, Italy a fortnight ago for holiday.
The news that Gladys Shollei is pregnant may not come as a surprise as Marco Gonzeloz is seen intimately touching Gladys tummy apparently to feel the bouncing kicks of the fetus. However what was still unclear is the man’s serious to commit the rest of his life to her.

The announcement paves way for formal declaration of intention to Gladys’ parents and the eventual negotiation of dowry. Thereafter, the mzungu man will marry Gladys Shollei in his envisioned colorful wedding ceremony. According to the Kalenjin culture, a woman of Gladys stature will cost her Mzungu lover an arm and a leg but that will not be a problem to Marco Gonzeloz who is a man of means. He is reported to have used in excess of 10,000 USD in gifts alone to Gladys during their short stint in Milan for holiday. Gladys came back wearing dozen gold plated bangles and necklaces that brought out the hidden stunning beauty in her.

Marcos Gonzeloz broke the news of the expected bundle of joy and marriage on his Instagram page. “To Gladys, the love of my life. Take it from me that ours is a serious love whose ultimate purpose is a matrimonial union before a man of God. To love and to cherish you beyond measure is all i can assure you. I can’t wait to see our bouncing baby, a product of our profound love“, Gonzeloz waxed lyrical on his Instagram page.

Gladys’ lover Marco Gonzelo’s post on Instagram

Gonzeloz’ move to marry Gladys Shollei will be a much reprieve to the Uasin Gishu Women rep who has been reeling from a bout of depression occasioned by a break up after an acrimonious divorce from a 26-year old marriage to Sam Shollei. Gladys although she describes the last quarter of the 26 old marriage as an abusive one , she cherishes the larger part as full of love and bliss.

After the divorce, Gladys went on rampage describing Sam Shollei as a drunk, abusive and violent man. She recounted the numerous days Sam Shollei could come to their matrimonial home late in the night drunk and in the company of ladies he claimed were colleagues. Sam Shollei has since moved on. She married Faith Rono, a long time girlfriend she took when she was a wretched girl from the streets of Eldoret and employed her at the helm of Standard Group while he was the CEO.




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