Igathe poised to be appointed Nairobi governor after resigning from Vivo

Polygarp igathe resigns from Vivo, poised to take over as Nairobi governor
Polygarp igathe resigns from Vivo, poised to take over as Nairobi governor

Former Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe is making comeback to the political scene, and this time as the substantive Nairobi governor county in charge of the functions transferred to the National government.

Igathe who has now made a name for himself for resigning from high profile jobs is poised to be appointed to take over the functions that was transferred to the National government.

Sonko surprised Kenyans last month when he transferred key functions to the National government in a deal that saw the impeachment proceedings against him dropped. The DPP is also expected to drop graft charges against the embattled governor as part of the deal.

Whether the DPP will withdraw charges or frustrate the case by fielding a weak defense or not availing witness is not Uhuru’s problem. All the President wants is to have charges against Sonko dropped.

Essentially, Igathe will be like the substantive governor considering Sonko has been barred from office, and the four functions that were transferred to the National government are the critical cogs that drive the city county.

Igathe will also use the governor’s office at City Hall.

According to sources, Igathe will be the main man at City Hall and will overshadow his former boss Mike Sonko.

Polycarp Igathe resigned unceremoniously as the deputy governor after falling out with governor Mike Sonko. At the time, he blasted Sonko has dictatorial and hard to work with.

Prior to being paired up with Sonko as the deputy governor, Igathe resigned from a plump job as the CEO Viva Energy.

After resigning as the deputy governor Nairobi County, he immediately landed another plump job as the Equity Bank Chief Operating Officer where he resigned after a short stint to take over as Vivo Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing.

It will be interesting to see how the two will get along considering they will both be bosses in thier own capacity and not answerable to one another. One thing for sure is that we can expect and ugly clash of titans.

The talks of Igathe’s return to City Hall has been rife and just last week, IEBC said it was unaware of Polygarp Igathe’s resignation from the county job as it had not received a formal resignation letter.

Igathe has always been the systems favorite and his resignations officially paves way for the former deputy governor to have the last laugh against his former boss.



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