Jubilee MPs meet in Naivasha to plot BBi takeover

Jubilee MPs meet in Naivasha to plot BBi coup
Moses Kuria

Over 200 Jubilee MPs are expected to meet in Naivasha this evening to plot BBI take over from their ODM colleagues. Still bursting of excitement from the yesterday’s Mombasa BBI rally where the Jubilee MPs are said to have stolen the show, the MPs who are expecting to carry on with the same spirit are scheming to silently pull the BBI rag from the feet of opposition leader Raila Odinga.

This will be the first time since the 2017 general election that Jubilee is having a parliamentary meeting bringing together majority of its members. Several members have confirmed attendance to the Niavasha meeting which will bring together the TangaTanga and Kieleweke factions.

The Naivasha meeting comes a day after the Mombasa BBi rally which was attended by Ruto allies Kipchumba Murkomen, Moses Kuria, Susan Kihika, Aisha Jumwa among others. Ruto’s strategy to infiltrate the BBI team and deflate from within seems to have worked like charm.

Despite some bit of alteration where Moses Kuria was roughed up for allegedly refusing to stand up when Raila Odinga arrived, the meeting was largely successful and low in abuses that usually characterized such meetings.

But what might have worked up President Uhuru Kenyatta is the clarion call for the implementation of the Ndungu land report. Speaker and speaker called for the addressing the historical land injustices that was meted upon the coastal people. As Jubilee MPs meet in Naivasha, Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto today publicly met for the first time in over a month.

Moses Kuria revealed the news of the Jubilee Naivasha meeting on his Facebook page. “Gearing for the first official Jubilee parliamentary group meeting since the release of the BBI report”, he posted. However, it’s not yet clear whether the meeting will be graced by Jubilee party leader Uhuru kenyatta or his deputy William Ruto.

Since the handshake, Uhuru has absconded his party and oscillated more towards the opposition leader Raila Odinga leaving his once formidable party to disintegrate. Jubilee is now a shell of its former self often marred by squabbles and endless bickering between two factions.

According to Moses Kuria, the MPs will be expected to deliberate and come up with a common position on issues that will be presented to the Haji led BBI committee.



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