Kalonzo proposes removal of term limits for governors, powerful PM

Kalonzo proposes removal of term limits for governors
Former VP Kalonzo Musyoka

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has proposed radical changes to the current constitution that will see the 2010 constitution watered down by including provisions that may negate the democratic gains. Among his radical proposals which may not auger well with Kenyans is the removal of term limits for governors and the introduction of a powerful Prime Minister with two deputies. While the latter has been toasted around in several forums, the former is quite new and may not find any support.

Kalonzo was speaking at a BBI sensitization forum that brought together leaders from the larger Ukambani region. The meeting was also attended by delegates from the three Ukambani counties of Machakos, Kitui and Makueni. During the meeting, Kalonzo lauded Charity Ngilu and Makueni governor for the tremendous work they have done saying governors deserve unlimited term in office.

“We have all seen the tremendous work Charity and Kibwana have done. They are a true testament that devolution works. I think — and I will be proposing with the BBI committee for the removal of term limits for governors”, he said.

Kalonzo’s remarks comes at a time when a number of governors are in court fighting corruption charges. With several county bosses serving their second term and staring at political oblivion, the proposal for the removal of term limits for governors will come as sweet music to their ears. Kalonzo’s proposals however may not find favor with the members of the public who feel the county bosses have become larger than life –amassing a lot of wealth in a relatively short time– and the removal of term limits will be a ticket for them to continue looting.

The former vice president also proposed the expansion of executive to include the post of a Prime minister and two deputies. Kalonzo’s proposal is the same as that fronted by Raila Odinga and his allies for an expanded executive which they say will foster exclusivity and create regional balance.



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