Kamanda Has Threatened to Kill Me for Supporting Ruto, Nominated MP Reveals

Nominated MP David Ole Sankok has revealed that Nairobi nominated MP Maina Kamanda threatened to kill him if he did not support BBI.

At the height of crackdown by President Uhuru Kenyatta on DP Ruto allies, Kamanda visited Ole Sankok at this rural farm in Kajiado.

Since then, Ole Sankok turned lukeworm in his support for DP Ruto and was seen heeping praise on President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The nominted MP has since gone back to his default mode of supporting Ruto, a move which cost him a position as a member of National Cohesion and Equal Opportunities Committee.

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Sankok now alleges that the sudden about turn came with intimidation and threats on his life from Maina Kamanda.

“You came and threatened my life. You also threatened me that my life will be miserable in Nairobi because you are the deep State and system combined”, posted Sankok on his Facebook page on reference to Kamanda’s visit.

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“You demanded that I must abuse the DP,
When I asked you how, you told me “Just call him a thief”, he added.

The threats also came with a promise of being taken to Raila’s Capital Hill Office to be ‘sanitzed’ according to Ole Sankok.

Sankok now having recalibrated his true North says he can only be sanitized by the blood of Jesus.

Having taken a sabbatical leave as he digested the threats, Sankok says his support for DP Ruto is unwavering and he is ready to pay the ultimate price.

He says during the tactical retreat, he has written a will just in case Kamanda makes good this threat to kill him.

“I took a sabbatical leave, a tactical retreat to write my Will, and now I am ready and willing to pay the ultimate price”.

Ole Sankok started politics way back while at the University of Nairobi doing Medicine.

He was jailed, tortured and at one time suspended but has always emerged stronger than ever before.

Ole Sankok sums by telling Murathe that he is unbowed, unshaked, and strongly and am firmly in support of DP William Ruto.



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