Kibicho petitions DPP to review NYS cases, targets Waiguru

Kibicho petitions DPP to review Waiguru NYS1 corruption file
President Uhuru Kenyatta with Interior PS Karanja Kibicho and Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru. | Image Courtesy

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho has petitioned the Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP to review the NYS corruption file with a view of bringing the perpetrators to book.

In a letter to the DPP, and copied to the DCI and EACC, KIbicho notes that the suspects of the scam are walking scot free despite the taxpayers having lost a colossal amount of money. Kibicho says he has credible evidence that he is willing to share with the investigating agencies, to assist with the investigations.

Kibicho’s letter has been interprated to be targeting her political rival Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru. The two had an ugly exchange of words last week over a 100-acre parcel of land in Mwea that Kibicho accused Waiguru of scheming to grab.

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According to the Interior PS, Waiguru has frustrated efforts to transfer the land to KEMRI for the construction of sh 15 billion medical and research center. Kibicho said he is privy to a scheme to grab the public land to the detriment of Kirinyaga residents.

Waiguru would hit back at Kibicho urging him to stop petty petty politics or quit and start early campaigns.

“Is Kibicho now superior to President Uhuru? If he wants to engage in petty, village politics and insults, let him resign and start early campaigns.” Waiguru retaliated.

Apart from the 100-acre land at the center of contention, the 2022 politics are at play in the fight between the two. According to sources, Kibicho will run for Kirinyaga county governor’s position and will likely give Ann Waiguru a run for the NYS loot.

Kibicho’s petition to DPP to review Waiguru’s NYS case will only serve to escalate the feud between the two leading 2022 gubernatorial contenders. Waiguru however has hinted that he will be taking one of the deputy prime minister’s position but that’s pegged on whether the glamour for constitutional amendment will pass through. In the event, her fall back position will be to defend her seat in what is promising to be a battle of titans.

Waiguru was implicated in the loss of NYS1 scandal. She is said to have been the key architect and beneficiary of the scandal. At the time, President Uhuru fired her politely under the pretext of light duties.



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