Kibicho: Waiguru wants to grab KEMRI land

Waiguru wants to grab public land, says Kibocho

Interior PS Secretary Dr Karanja Kibicho on Friday had no kind words for Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru whom she accused of plotting to grab a public land in her county.

Kibicho referred to Waiguru as a stupid woman who is out to sabotage a KEMRI project in her county by grabbing public land meant for the project.

“Waiguru’s decision to sabotage the KEMRI project is sheer stupidity that should not be allowed to continue,” Kibicho said Friday while on a tour of development projects in Mwea.

“I am shocked that the governor is opposed to the project. I am reliably informed that she wants to grab the KEMRI land which would have immensely boost the fortunes of the county.

“It’s stupid and foolish of her to oppose such noble project ,” said Kibicho.

The land in questioned is a 100-acrce parcel that Waiguru has allegedly declined to transfer to KEMRI for the construction of sh 15 billion research facility in Mwea.

Waiguru has been accused of scheming to grab KEMRI land which has allegedly been to been transferred to a company she owns through proxies.

But according to Kirinyaga deputy governor, the delay in transferring the piece of land to KEMRI has been necessitated by KEMRI’s refusal to enter into an agreement with the governor.

” The reason for the delay is because KEMRI has bluntly refused or is not willing to enter into an agreement with the governor. We want to be told how our people will benefit from the project”, said Kirinyaga deputy governor, Peter Ndambiri.

Kibicho’s remarks comes in the backdrop of a court order that stopped the development of the sh 15 billion project by KEMRI on the 100-acre land.

But what has raised eyebrows is Kibicho’s push with the project despite the court order. In a country where projects are marred with kickbacks and underhand dealings, Kibicho’s vested interest cannot be ruled out.

The matter has now threatened to escalate the bad blood between Kibicho and Waiguru who were beginning to get along as team mates in the Kieleweke group supportive of BBI.

Kibicho has now vowed to mobilize Kirinyaga residents to protest against Waiguru for delaying on the project.

“If Waiguru will not transfer the land, I will mobilize Kirinyaga residents to protest”, he said
The deputy governor and other CECs had earlier been locked out of a meeting chaired by Kibicho at Mwea social hall. Attempts by Waiguru’s deputy to forcefully enter the meeting was met with forceful evictions by police officers who were manning the door.



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