Kikuyu Elders are Conmen, Wanjigi Tells Raila

Kikuyu elders are conmen

Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi has blasted the delegation of elders who visited Raila at his Bondo saying Kikuyu elders are conmen who should not be trusted.

Wanjigi made the chilling revelation just a day after a delegation of over 500 Kikuyu elders drawn from Murang’a made the maiden trip to Bondo allegedly to install Raila as a Kikuyu elder and endorse his 2022 bid.

But even before dusts settles on the much publicized event, several influential Mt. Kenya politicians have thrown cold water on the event saying it’s inconsequential and will not guarantee Raila the elusive Mt. Kenya voting block.

Wanjigi had accompanied the ODM leader to Bondo for a church fundraiser. Others present were MP Maina Kamanda, and former Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe

In blasting the Kikuyu elders as conmen, Wanjigi said if the elders were sincere, they should have invited Raila for coronation in Mt. Kenya instead. Wanjigi also wants the elders decamp to ODM party if indeed they are sincere.

“If these old men who came here pretending to love you are honest, tell them to join ODM”, Wajingi said amidst laughter.

“Kikuyu elders are conmen, real elders would have invited you to visit their sacred shrines in Mt. Kenya. In our culture, you visit the elders and not the other way”, he added.

The revelation by Wanjigi goes to point the behind the scene intrigues that characterized the visit. Even before the visit, there was push and pull among the elders with some accusing their counterparts of agreeing to endorse Raila for a tidy sum of money.

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There was also allegation by some elders that a majority of the delegation came from Murang’a, the home of Peter Kenneth and David Murathe.

The two are known supporters of ODM leader Odinga and are pushing for Mt. Kenya to support him in 2022.

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has also added his voice to the concerns that the delegation of Kikuyu elders are conmen.

In an interview on a local vernacular TV station, Kabogo said those Kikuyu ‘elders’ were just conmen for hire. He urged Mt. Kenya to be wary of individuals who are seeking to sell the community for their selfish interest.

It has since emerged that same elders were allegedly hired to endorsed Peter Kenneth’s bid for 2022. Surprisingly, Kenneth was also part of the delegation to Raila’s home in Bondo on Saturday.

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