Kikuyu elders have threatened to curse colleagues for fight over handout from a PS

Kikuyu Coulcil of elders threatened colleagues c
SUpreme Kikuyu council of elders. Image: Courtesy

A group calling itself Supreme Kikuyu elders have made good their threat to curse some of their colleagues who fought over handout cash allegedly from a powerful PS . The elders termed the behavior by their colleagues an abomination and embarrassment to the Kikuyu community. The Supreme Kikuyu elders had given this group one week to apologize for embarrassing the community or face consequences.

This ‘disgraced’ group of elders had gone to the home of a first time politician from Nyeri to pick the cash given by the PS. The money according to a credible source was given to the elders so they could issue a statement supporting the BBI and castigate MPs from Mt. Kenya opposed to the handshake.

Fracas ensued to the dismay of the MP when some elders started fighting and scrambling for the bundles of new notes. The Supreme elders of Kikuyu elders led by chairman Kariuki wa Kabui (Mugathigia) had issued a one week ultimatum which lapsed yesterday calling for unconditional apology lest they invite the wrath of the ancestors. “We are demanding that the disgraced elders publicly apologize within 7 days or face tough sanctions which will not be limited to curses”, Kariuki wa Kabui had said.

Without an apology from the “disgraced” group as expected, the elders have now given them a further 3 days ultimatum which they say is final. They say they will not allow few rogue elders trading using the community’s name to destroy the reputation of the entire community.

“We shall jealously guard and protect our cultural artifacts and attire from misuse. Those elders who have misused our attires owe the community an apology or be cursed,” Kariuki wa Kabui said.

The leaders also called for an end to the leadership wrangles currently experienced in Mt. Kenya saying they are not good for the community. Expressing support the President, the elders called for tolerance among the two warring factions of Jubilee saying there is need to work together as a group.The elders also said they will be giving direction on the 2022 politics when the right time comes.



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