Kikuyu elders to cleanse couple that found they are brother and sister on the wedding day

Kikuyu elders will perform a cleansing ceremony for a Nairobi couple who found out they were brother and sister on the wedding day.

The couple were shocked to learn that they are related thus shattering their dreams of getting married.

The couple have been forced to call off their wedding.

The lovebirds had gone to visit the man’s parents in their rural home and announce their plans to settle down together when the truth dawned on them.

It was during this visit that the man’s father told them that the lady he was going to marry was his daughter from his first marriage.

The dumbfounded couple could not hide their confusion.

The couple (brother and sister) said they met in the streets of Nairobi, in what both say was love at first sight.

The casual chat would soon blossomed into a serious relationship that they eventually decided to get married.

Unfortunately the relationship has now come to an end with their parents advising them to terminate the affair.

The bride-to-be who says she has spent endless years looking for Mr. Right was devastated beyond measure.

She hasn’t come to terms with the sudden turn of events.

She says her search for a husband has been long and tedious one full of fairy tales.

She is now afraid of dating again thinking her next man would end up in mystery again.

When consulted, Kikuyu Elders said a cleansing ceremony will have to be conducted since it’s a taboo for a brother and sister to sleep together.

The cleansing ceremony according to the Kikuyu elders will be to ward off any evil or calamity if the couple had engaged in sexual intercourse.

The elders have advised couples planning to wed to first consult their families before taking relationship to the next level.

The elders have also advised families to be organizing family ‘get together’ to enable relatives know each other.



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