Push by Kikuyu Elders to Endorse Raila for President Divides Council

Kikuyu elders to endorse Raila

Kikuyu elders are set to endorse Raila for President in 2022.

The delegation of about 500 elders mainly from Murang’a will make the maiden trip to Raila’s home in Bondo for the the declaration meant to boosts Raila’s chances for President.

The planned endorsement has already generated friction between various factions with some elders accusing their colleagues of putting their selfish interest above community interest.

The delegation to Raila’s home is said to have the blessings of top State House operatives who are deeply involved in its planning.

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The group is said to be fearful of Ruto’s Presidency having anatagonize him and have instead chosen to back Raila’s bid.

Sources intimate that this group see Raila as old and would not hang in power for long.

According to the source, the State House operatives have also come to a conclusion that it’s only Raila who can stop Ruto’s Hustler match to State House or give him a run for his money.

But even as the said elders prepare to make the public declaration in Bondo on Saturday, confusion and counter accusation have marred the planned ceremony.

The event which was reportedly supposed to be held in Murang’a was taken to Bondo because of push and pull among the elders.

Reports also indicate that Murang’a residents were not receptive to the idea and thus informed the change to Bondo.

Although the Kikuyu Council of Elders chairman Wachira Kiago has confirmed the coronation ceremony adding that it will cement the unity between Luo Nyanza and Mt. Kenya, elder Paul Mwati has rubbished the event as that of brokers masquerading as elders.

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According to Mwati,

” it’s unheard of for Kikuyu elders to travel to another homestead and endorse another bull’, he said.

“Any coronation if necessary would have been done at the regional area of the elders”, he added.

The storm generated by the planned Kikuyu elders to endorse Raila may not die anytime soon.

Already a faction of elders from other region like Nyeri, Kiambu which make the larger Mt. Kenya have also thrown cold water in the event saying they were not consulted.

But even as wrangles among the Kikuyu elders to endorse Raila worsen, their Luo counterparts are upbeat about the endorsement and preparations are at high gear.



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