Kinyanjui bans Nakuru TangaTanga BBi rally

Lee Kinyanjui bans TangaTanga BBI parallel rally in Nakuru
Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui

The Nakuru TangaTanga BBi rally that was scheduled for the 8th of February hangs in limbo after Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui banned the parallel rally. Jubilee MPs allied to deputy president William Ruto had announced plans to hold a parallel rally in Afraha Stadium to popularize the BBI report.

Lee Kinyanjui though his Chief Officer sports booked the venue for two days in what TangaTanga MPs read as an act of sabotage. “Earlier today, the Chief Officer for Sports Nakuru county went and booked the intended venue for 7th and 8th February with the sole intention of denying the people the venue and sabotaging the intended sensitization meeting”, said a source.

Kinyanjui’s move to book the venue for unknown event sets the stage for a confrontation with the TangaTanga lieutenants. Already the MPs have said they will go on with the Afraha Stadium rally with or without approval from Nakuru county government. A similar parallel rally in Mumias was thwarted by a heavy contingent of police officers. The decision to ban the rally may spur similar actions by other governors and this may breed intolerance to divergent opinions.

According to Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen, the parallel rallies are complementary in nature with the sole intention of boosting the already scheduled rallies.

However Tangatanga’s decision to hold parallel rallies has come under criticism from ODM MPs who have threatened to evict them from BBI rallies. They claimed the intention of TangaTanga is to sabotage and undermine the BBI report and the handshake.



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