Kirinyaga MCAs to impeach Waiguru over KEMRI land row

Kirinyaga Mcas threaten to impeach Waiguru over kemri land row

Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru is cat-walking on a tight rope after MCAs made good their threats to impeach the embattled governor over Kemri land row.

The MCAs have now given Waiguru 2 days to immediately transfer the 100-acre land to KEMRI for the construction of sh 15 billion Research facity.

The MCAs on Wednesday passed a motion calling for the uncoditional release of the parcel of land saying continued delay was depriving the residents of Kirinyaga the much needed benefits that will arise from the Kemri facility.

The 100-acre land has been at the center of fierce battle between Waiguru and Interior PS Karanja Kibicho. The latter has accused Waiguru of having vested intrest in the land.

With the new developments, Waiguru will likely accused Kibicho of bribing MCAs to impeach her over the land row.

Sources close to Waiguru said the embattled governor will likely succumbed to the MCAs threats and transfer the land to Kemri.



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