Kiunjuri’s unkind words for Uhuru causes panic in Mt. Kenya, blast Uhuru as ungrateful

Mwangi Kiunjuri says Uhuru betrayed him after stepping down for Laikipia governor's position
Ex-Agriculture Cabinet Sceretary Mwangi Kiunjuri

Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangai Kiunjuri has blasted President Uhuru for betrayal and selective prosecution in the fight against graft. This is the first time since Kiunjuri was unceremoniously sacked that he is going head on with his former friend in what his likely to raise political temperatures in Central region.

Kiunjuri accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of using government agencies to crack down on dissent voices and harass those against the Building Bridges Initiative.

According to the former Agriculture CS, only politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto have been arrested, arraigned in court or intimidated in one way or another by government agencies specifically the DCI, EACC and KRA.

“Why is it that it’s only politicians from the Central region allied to William Ruto who have been dragged to court, investigated through the DCI, KRA and EACC just for having a different opinion from that of the President”, he quipped.

Kiunjuri was speaking at Nanyuki PCEA church where he cautioned Uhuru against stifling the freedom of free speech as enshrined in the constitution.

The former CS linked his sacking from Cabinet for expressing his views publicly without fear or favor and not because of under performance as alluded by section of the media. Kiunjuri further added that he was sacked for agitating for the interest of Mt. Kenya people.

Kiunjuri also accused Uhuru of betraying him by reneging on his 2017 promise saying the Head of State implored him not to vie for the governor’s seat and instead campaign for his presidential bid. Kiunjuri noted that despite sacrificing his gubernatorial ambitions, Uhuru betrayed him by sacking him from the cabinet.

“Uhuru betrayed me after begging me to step down from Laikipia governor’s race and campaign for him”, Kiunjuri recalled.

Kiunjuri who is seen as a front runner as Mt.Kenya kingpin when Uhuru retires said he will continue supporting the President in his development agenda for Kenya and Mt. Kenya region. He however urged the President to protect the constitution by allowing for free speech in airing opinion on matters of regional and national importance




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