Lee Njiru wants DNA test to ascertain if he is Moi’s biological son

Lee Njiru wants DNA test done to ascertain if he is Moi's biological son
Photo collage of Moi and his press secretary Lee Njiru

Lee Njiru has called for a DNA test to ascertain if he is the biological son of the late former President Daniel Arap Moi. Njiru who served the late Mzee Moi for 42 years as his private secretary has waded into the debate over his striking resemblance with the late president.

Conspiracy theories have flooded the social media as netizens compare photos of Moi and Njiru saying the long time serving press secretary is Moi’s son. Nairobi governor also waded into the debate confirming that indeed Lee Njiru’s mother Grace Cuka had an affair with Moi in the late 1940s through which Njiru was born in 1949. Sonko has called for Njiru to be included in the share of Moi’s expansive estate.

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Appearing on Citizen’s JKLive program hosted by Jeff Koinange, Njiru admitted that he resembles Moi and that he has been told so severally by friends and acquaintances.

“I was born in 1949 in Embu, I am not sure whether Mzee Moi had been to Embu during that time. It’s true I resembled him…” He explained.

Njiru shocked Jeff and viewers when he said he was willing to subject himself to a DNA test if need be to ascertain if he is the biological son of Moi. Njiru said he will demand a share of his ‘father’s’ wealth if DNA results turn positive.

“Yes, lets do a DNA and if it turns out that I’m Moi’s son, then I can claim something,” Njiru said.

Claims that Njiru is the biological son of Moi began almost immediately after the late president passed on at the Nairobi hospital on Tuesday.

Kenyans on social media were quick to use photo collages to bring out their striking resemblance and called for a DNA test.

Njiru also appears to know more about Moi than anybody else in the family. For instance, Njiru revealed that Moi died aged between 102 and 103 and not 95 years as said by Moi’s children.



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