Looming Divorce as Waiguru Husband Kamotho Waiganjo Abandons Raila Joins Ruto Hustler Team

Divorce is looming at the home of Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru after her newly wedded husband Kamotho Waiganjo disagreed with her politically, a move that has threatened to end their marriage.

Waiganjo, a former Commissioner with the electoral body said he was withdrawing his support for the opposition leader Raila Odinga and instead chose to support DP Ruto’s Hustler Movement which he now confesses to be unstoppable.

“Confession: I am one of those who dismissed the Huslter narrative. Surely Kenyans are wiser, I thought. Been in the villages for a couple of days. I am less dismissive…and that’s all I’m gonna say about that”, Kamotho posted on his Facebook page.

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Kamotho said his stand was informed by frequent visits and enngamnemts with people in Mt. Kenya at the grassroot level.

Kamotho’s new stand politically is said to have threatened to wreck the 2-year old marriage with the embattled Kirinyaga governor.

Sources close to Waiguru intimate that the marriage was already on the rocks after Waiguru failed to successfully get pregnant for the lawyer.

The sources add that, their difference politically may only serve to aggravate the situation with a divorce said to be on Waiguru’s cards.

Waiguru -whose leadership has been marred with corruption — is a close Raila ally and a proponent of the Building Bridges Intiative being championed by the ODM leader.

Waiguru also reportedly enjoys protection from Raila on the ongoing EACC investigations and she wouldn’t allow anything come between her and Raila.

Boxed into a catch 22 situation between her husband and Raila, Waiguru is said to prefer supporting the latter since a disagreement with Raila will leave her exposed to EACC and risked being hauled to the courts.

Waiguru has been positioning herself as a Mt. Kenya kingpin with a view to being one of the Deputy Prime Ministers under Raila’s team if the BBi referendum sees the light of the day.

However, a litany of corruption allegations has threatened to slam brakes on her lustrous career.

With the new developments, Kamotho is reportedly on his way to joining former Raila’s allies who are now part of Ruto’s core team.

They include Eliud Owallo, Barrack Muluka, Johnstone Muthama and Carol Omondi.




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